The new renaissance of arts and humanist sciences will determine the future of a new conception of man and the world.
— Antuan


More than aesthetics, movements, and trends, art is human history, a real guide that nourishes the present to anticipate and denounce the future.

Contemporary art has become a history of soft revolutions that have contributed to the conditions for contemporary art’s development, existence, and survival. But while Humanity is getting sicker every time due to its disconnection from the planet we are part of, and to a way of life in which mind and spirit seem disconnected. 

Oblivion of feeling part of a primary system with the earth, the sun, the stars, the complex content of the universe appear to be in substitution with a virtual delusion. 

Humans and nature spirit and the positive energies of transformation seem to be surrogated to a world interpreted under the signs of exclusion, unbalance, disruption and deception.  In which we appear to have placed on technology by itself the only plausible solution to our human healing needs, are social balances and our fragile environmental issues. 

We persist in repeating history mistakes, and art today stray in direct discrepancy or ostensibly eyeless to the much significance of the key events that take place in it. This hermeneutic orbit has only the subsistence of a nefarious cycle. But for us the artists it is not an inquiry into slipping away from it but on enticing in it and flowing all around it: Within this framework, to interpret human thought and reality in the combination and variants of myth, metaphor, and archetype. We must, therefore, complete the orbit. As an artist, I see the universe from a range of diverse scientific, entrepreneurial, philosophical, healing, didactic and cultural perspectives, all integrated into one single approach. The contemporary is necessarily inclusive.

So, a new consciousness’s is an approach related to the constant human concern for universal communication through forms, symbols, and codes, connecting the methodologies of artistic production in harmony with the tactics of scientific abstraction, Human wellbeing, and social thinking as the other dimension of art.

Art has been clustered for more than a century between the failed utopias of modernism, the dead-end of the Postmodernism deconstructive approach, the approach within the art market of art only as a commodity and the museum sacred vision of art as out of this world objects isolated from the everyday life, in exclusion. 

As an artist, I claim a new consciousness’s around art’s function, around its education process and its ways of building its history and role, providing within inclusive territories glows of clarity. Inclusion and exclusion suddenly become moments of clear choice.

I retake the Renaissance vision of the artist as an integrator of human experiences, of extensive experimentation, a spiritual healer, and profound humanism. I approach art in the 21st century as:

  • Critical thinking, deeply committed to human existence.

  • Of universal communication, art for illumination and high human frequency vibrations.

  • Art that transforms the weapons in materials of creation, not of destruction.

  • Art that aims to save lives not to cause deaths.

  • Art that feeds on the sun, water and earth.

  • Art spread as a spiritual experience of love and in control of freedom.

  • Art present as dialogue, for a balance between man and nature.

  • Art that looks towards space. As an ecology of the cosmos.

  • Art where space and the public are actively incorporated into the artwork.

  • Art without divisive flags, without border without walls, without language barriers, art that builds bridges to leave behind decaying minds of sectarian exclusion and intolerance.

  • Art that creates mirrors and doors. Where we can all enter, as a single human grid of reciprocal, universal interconnections.

Present art cannot be left to hollow within the contemporary as a question of taste or preferred subjectivity. With a renovated energy, organized, instrumentalized, exchanged, and redefined. Art as part of another dimension, a form of ecology of the mind, reaching out endlessly in all directions.

All other human-made enterprises are different from art creation in that it is a spiritual action through
which, as artists, we merge with our creative nature, alchemically re-creating and transforming ourselves, and possibly changing the world in which we live in the process. Universal communication codes,
the human grid,  

I wish to become instrumental in my contribution to younger generations of artists. Shifting from a cyclical conception of time to one transdisciplinary. Of linearity, teleological, apt to trigger a collective breach to resist the homogenization of time through ruptures and discontinuities, a plurality of temporalities and experiences across space,  in an age in which the center of gravity is turning over to new worlds. Simplicity and complexity need each other, but Knowledge makes everything simpler.

Infused by universal communication codes, steady human vibrations, an expanded consciousness the human grid as a positive force and the application of principles of sacred geometry as endless inspiration to the continually-unfolding of art. I am part of the greater human family, where we are all potential shamans, healers, and artists, as a revelation of the creative spirit to the world.

Art is a life-changing act